Maintenance and Rehabilitation Service

We are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to carry out maintenance, refurbishment and safety tests according to the manufacturer's criteria. We use first quality materials that comply with all the standards.

Our Services

Maintenance of safety equipment for atmospheric storage tanks.

Maintenance and rehabilitation of separators and relief valves.

Maintenance and rehabilitation of flare burners.

Maintenance of pumping systems for transfer and injection.

Lubrication and maintenance to production trees.

Modernization and maintenance of actuator systems.

Maintenance of safety valves.

We have participated in the maintenance and refurbishing of equipment in the various petrochemical complexes throughout Mexico; being distinguished by our expertise, capacity and commitment shown for the benefit of our customers.

Safety devices for atmospheric storage tanks

Maintenance to safety devices for storage tanks, barrels and/or dehydrators, vent valves, emergency vents, flame arresters, level indicators, foam chambers, dam drainage pumps, sizing and report of emissions level into the atmosphere.

Separators and Relief Valves

Maintenance to two- and three-phase separators; pneumatic level and discharge control systems, bypass, rupture discs, safety valves, level indicator, pressure gauges, pneumatic control piping; and pre-operational testing. Also, maintenance, rehabilitation, and ISO testing, including those accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Agency, or we can perform mechanical integrity analysis and studies.

Waste gas burners

Maintenance to burners: ecological pilots, control panels, regulating lines, automation of condensate drainage, and optimization of operation under the regulations for the control of emissions into the atmosphere.

Transfer and injection pumping systems

Maintenance and rehabilitation of reciprocating and helical pumps and turbines; operated by electric and/or internal combustion engines; for transfer or injection; and fixed and portable pumps on mobile skids.

Lubrication and maintenance of production trees

Maintenance and rehabilitation of oil and gas production trees; valve lubrication; cleaning and painting; weeding, herbicide and anti-theft valve locks; and safety valves for wells. We also perform high- and low-pressure triggering, safety testing, maintenance, orifice plate flow measurement systems and measurement transmission (via satellite radio and modem).

Actuator systems

Maintenance to pneumatic, hydraulic and/or electric actuators; to locally- or modem-operated globe valves. Maintenance to drifters, pig traps, pass sensors, automation of valves with remote actuator, programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Safety Valves

Maintenance to pressure safety valves (PSVs) on site either in technical plant shutdowns for scheduled repairs, releases or opportunity shutdowns, complying 100% with each quality procedure and safety guidelines that each entity demands.

We carry out field surveys; dismantling with crane or scaffolding; pre-operational tests: painting and labeling; assembly; and verification of safety equipment at plant start-up.



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