Mechanical Integrity

Establishment of performance and fault severity criteria, as well as non-destructive inspection requirements and repair procedures. This is aimed at guaranteeing the safety of critical equipment during operation.

Safe operation is guaranteed in accordance with the service conditions through the definition of the current status, the estimated useful life and the maintenance and/or repair needs.

Who should use this service?

Areas of application

Storage tanks

Safety valves

Vent valves

Stages of mechanical integrity

Mechanical integrity to storage tanks

Mechanical integrity to safety valves

Mechanical integrity to vent valves

Visual Inspection

It means the observation of an object to assess the presence of surface anomalies in accordance with specifications.

Dye penetrating test

The application of this test is intended to reveal open discontinuities to the surface of non-porous solid materials.
The test is applied to a wide variety of sizes, regardless of the geometry of the part.

Magnetic Particles

Surface and subsurface discontinuities are identified on ferromagnetic material through this test.
When magnetic particles are applied, they must be attracted to the field leakage, which usually indicates the location, size, shape and measurement of the discontinuities.

Thickness measurement

By using this non-destructive test method, the condition of the remaining wall of the tested material, such as ducts, pipes and storage tanks, can be verified. Thus, it is possible to learn whether such a component has the capacity to operate optimally and without risk while preserving the safety and integrity of the personnel or the facilities.
Likewise, it is possible to prepare a calculation record in order to determine the remaining life of the walls of the element.

The tests, methods and techniques of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) are carried out in accordance with the ASME Code - Section V, by qualified personnel, which has the certification Level II according to the SNT-TC-1A norm of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).

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