Certified Laboratory

Our laboratory, accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Agency (E.M.A.), tests pressure relief safety valves and pressure and vacuum relief valves. With this, the technical competence requirements and management system requirements established in the current NMX-EC-17025-IMNC norm are achieved.

We rely on trained technical personnel, high- and low-pressure test bench, flow bench, on-line test equipment (PreVenTest) and non-destructive testing, which allows us to generate an internationally recognized report of results.

Low pressure test bench

In accordance with clause of the NRF-113-PEMEX-2007 norm the pressure relief test and the vacuum test of the device are carried out, including the maximum leakage value test. From this, we generate real time graphs for each of the tests in compliance with clause 8.4 of the NRF-172-PEMEX-2012 norm.

High pressure test bench

In compliance with the NOM-093-SCFI-1994 norm, pressure relief valves (safety, safety-relief, and relief) are tested, operated by spring and pilot, and made of steel and bronze:
Pneumatic test
Opening and closing differential
Airtightness or seal
Opening pressure with back pressure

Real-time evidence graphing

On-site testing

Determination of the opening point, taking as reference number of the API Recommended Practice 576. Thus, tests to pressure relief, safety and relief valves that are located directly in the process line are carried out.

Non-Destructive Testing

They are carried out with the aim of detecting discontinuities that may be cracks, overlaps, lack of fusion in the weld and areas affected by heat on the surface of the components of technical installations, such as pipes and storage tanks, among others.
Tests are carried out according to Section V of the Rules and Regulations for Boilers and Pressure Vessels of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.M.E.) in the following articles:
Article 6. Dye penetrating test
Article 7. Magnetic Particle Examination (Contrasts)
Article 9. Direct visual inspection

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